About Steven

Steven Lee is a freelance blogger living in Brampton, Ontario, and is the author of this blog.

Steven holds a Master of Arts degree in History, Bachelor of Arts Honours in History, and a Bachelor of Education - Intermediate/Senior Level. His Major Research Paper was on Aboriginal resistance in the Northwest Territories in the 1970's to the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline project. 

Steven first became politically active in the 2005-2006 federal election for the NDP campaign in Brampton West at the age of 17. Between the 2007 and present Steven has voted for both the New Democratic and Conservative Party. Though frequently involved in political forums, Steven developed his own platform, the Orange Tory blog, in June 2010. After the 2011 federal election he joined the Ontario New Democratic Party in preparation for the provincial election. 

During the 2011 Ontario general election Steven was a volunteer for the Cindy Forster campaign in the riding of Welland, and worked for Speak Your Mind and the Toronto Star as a community blogger during the campaign. During the federal leadership race to replace Jack Layton, Steven volunteered for the Nathan Cullen campaign, and attended the Toronto convention. Steven sat on the riding executive of the Brampton West NDP as the Social Media Secretary in 2013. 

You can follow Steven on Twitter, @SLee_OT

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